Infant and One Year Olds

The schedule in these age groups must be highly flexible to meet the children’s individual needs.
Children are exposed to a variety of learning experiences such as songs, music, pictures, books, and toys designed to stimulate learning and development for this age child. Each age group has times throughout the day when the teacher sings and expresses Bible thoughts such as: God loves us; God gave us mommies and daddies; God made the trees, birds, flowers, etc.; Thank you God for food, dogs, squirrels, etc.

Play times for children are times the teacher uses for holding, rocking, talking, and playing with the children to convey a sense of security, love and acceptance.

Diapers are checked and changed, faces and hands are washed, and hair is combed as often as needed.

Parents are informed of progress and reports are sent home daily outlining the child’s day.
The following sample schedule is more of what a one year old class would look like.  Our older one’s will have scheduled outside time.  The schedule in our nursery is more flexible and designed on the individual needs of each infant based on schedules given by the parent.

Sample Schedule

L:8:00-8:30           Breakfast
8:30-9:00           Floor Play
9:00-9:30           Diaper Change
9:30-9:45           Music and Movement
9:45-10:00         Story Time
10:00-10:15       Buggy Ride
10:15-10:30       Diaper Change
10:30-11:00       Lunch
11:00-11:30       Clean Up and Diaper Change
11:30-1:30         Nap Time
2:00-2:15           Diaper Change
2:15-2:45           Snack
2:45-3:15           Play Time (floor play)
3:15-3:30           Diaper Change
3:30-4:00           Buggy Ride
4:00-4:15           Diaper Change
4:15-5:15           Story Time / Floor Play / Blocks / Music
5:15-5:30           Diaper Change
5:30-6:00           Learning Centers  and Clean Up