Coming Around March 2020-                          Info on Summer Camp 2021                                


Hours of Operation                             

7:00 AM-5:00 PM (Hours have been shortened due to new COVID-19 guidelines)
Activities are planned between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.    
Please stay posted for weekly activities.
Registration     $130
Daily Fee         $25
Weekly Fee     $100
All weekly fees are due in advance!
Weekly payment is due in advance on the first day the camper attends camp for the week. Accounts must remain current in order for your child to remain enrolled in camp.  For your convenience, you will be able to choose automatic payments, There are no part day fees. If a child is present, they will be charged for the entire day. We will send out weekly statements electronically in order to help you  keep your account up to date.
Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks Breakfast, lunch and a snack are  provided daily as part of your fees.  We do not charge extra. Your child must be here before 7:45 AM to  receive breakfast. Although lunch is provided daily,  your child may bring their lunch if preferred. In the afternoons a small snack is provided or snacks will be available to purchase for .50 per item.
We have a summer full of fun activities planned for your child. Although we will not be going on our normal field trips due to safety precautions relating to COVID-19, there will be many fun rotation activities planned such as sports, crafts, music, games and much more along with some “field trips” coming to us.  Energetic praise and worship will occur during chapel every week.   

Special Dates

*First Day – June 1
*4th of July Parade – July 2nd
*Last Day – August 7