Two Year Olds

Bob Jones University Press Pathways for Preschool Program  guides are used. Bible stories and truths are an integral part of our daily program.

Units include a variety of subjects on the child’s level; coloring, painting, pasting, number concepts, colors, poems, songs, stories, verses, nursery rhymes, finger plays, etc., are emphasized. 

Development of large muscles through exercise is of primary importance. Children have outside playtime in the mornings and afternoons. When weather does not permit, they may use the gymnasium for play. 

Parents are informed of progress and papers are sent home regularly

Sample Schedule

:45-8:15          Breakfast
8:15-8:45          Clean Up and Potty Time
8:45-9:00          Circle Time / Pledges and Prayer
9:00-9:15          Bible
9:15-9:30          Potty Time
9:30-10:00        Outside Play
10:00-10:30      Lesson Time (Numbers / Letters)
10:30-10:40      Potty Time
10:40-11:00      Art
11:00-11:30      Lunch
11:30-12:00      Clean Up and Potty Time
12:00-2:00        Nap Time
2:00-2:15          Potty Time
2:15-2:45          Snack Time
2:45-3:15          Outside Play
3:15-3:30          Potty Time
3:30-4:00          Music Time
4:00-4:30          Review Morning Lesson / Arts and Crafts
4:30-5:00          Puzzles / Books / Coloring
5:00-5:15          Potty Time
5:15-5:30          Story Time
5:30-6:00         Learning Centers & Clean Up